C’mon and Dance To It!


We’ve all experienced it.  You put the new DVD in the drive or download the hottest new workout on the net.  You’re dressed in your hot new sexy sweats and you’re ready to GO!  The instructor is hot, the set is gorgeous and the video work is beautiful.  Everything is great until the music starts playing.  Listening to the droopy, electronica, ear-pudding, royalty-free music you sigh deeply and go back to surfing the net.

Most workout DVDs and online dance videos were doomed to have boring, generic music.  Until now.  Introducing the Dance To It dance and exercise portal.  This amazing online site uses our unique technology to allow our top-notch aerobics instructor Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick) to create custom workouts based on music that our subscribers already own.  Rolling out to an iPad, iPod or iPhone near you, the Dance To It App marries popular music you already own (or can’t wait to purchase)* to our custom dance and exercise videos

  1. Dance to incredibly popular music performed by the original artist.

  2. Make requests of songs you’d like to hear.

  3. Exercise videos from industry-leading instructors.

  4. Subscription offers exercise videos plus free iStore credits!

*You will need to own the exact same version of the song as we used to choreograph the video.  If you do not already own this song, you will be directed where to purchase this version of the song on the iTunes Store.  Every month you’ll earn credit you can use in the iTunes Store.


Introducing the Dance To It App!


Jeanette DePatie AKA The Fat Chick has been shaking her groove thing for fifteen super fun years!

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